Youth Basketball

Prospect Heights Youth Basketball League Game Schedule K-4

2020 Youth Basketball Game Schedule K-4

Prospect Heights Youth Basketball League Game Schedule 5th-6th Boys

2020 Youth Basketball Game Schedule 5th-6th Boys

Prospect Heights Youth Basketball League Game Schedule 7th-8th Boys

2020 Youth Basketball Game Schedule 7th-8th Boys

Youth Basketball LeaguesBoys and Girls Youth Basketball League

A volunteered coached program introduces the fundamentals focusing on passing, shooting, offense, defense, sportsmanship and fun. This league is co-op with River Trails Park District. In order to better balance teams we will be having a player draft for 3rd-6th grade teams. Prior to the draft players are evaluated by coaches and supervisors. Practices vary from coach’s availability, typically Monday-Friday between 5-9pm at District 23 schools or GMRC. The games are held at Indian Grove School, Euclid School, GMRC or Weiss Center. Actual times vary and will be defined when teams are formed. The fee includes a game t-shirt which will be distributed by the coach prior to the first game. Registrations taken after November 17th will go on a wait list.  You will be notified if spots become available. There will be no late registrations accepted after December 1st. *Volunteer coaches will receive a pro-rated fee once the season is over.

Registration Deadline: December 1
Registrations taken after December 1 incur a $10 late fee.

Clinic Dates

Dates   Times
December 11 3rd-4th Grade Boys 5:30pm-6:00pm
December 11 5th-6th Grade Boys 6:15pm-7:00pm
December 12 Coaches Meeting 6:00pm-7:30pm

Times 8:00 am- 3:00 pm / Location: Gary Morava Recreation Center

Code Dates Days Grade Fees R/NR
Co-Ed Kindergarten 1/18-3/14 Saturday K $96/$115
Boys Dates Days Grade Fees R/NR
207004-02 1/18-3/14 Saturday 1-2 $96/$115
207004-03 1/12-3/9 Saturday 3-4 $96/$115
207004-04 1/18-3/14 Saturday 5-6 $96/$115
Girls Dates Days Grade Fees R/NR
207004-05 1/18-3/14 Saturday 1-2 $96/$115
207004-06 1/18-3/14 Saturday 3-4 $96/$115
207004-07 1/18-3/14 Saturday 5-6 $96/$115


Jr. High Basketball League

The Northwest Suburban Park District Basketball League Conference (NWPDBC) is a league co-op with Mt. Prospect, River Trails, Wheeling, Northbrook and Glencoe Park Districts. Teams will be formed through a clinic and draft process if necessary. Friendship requests are not guaranteed. Teams will practice once a week based on coach’s availability. Games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays at various locations. Teams will play 12 games and 2 playoff games. The NWPDBC will also host an All-Star game. Registration deadline is November 17th. If a registration is taken after November 17th a late fee will apply.

Registration Deadline: November 17

Clinic Date: December 11, 7th-8th Grade Boys, 7:15pm-8:00pm

Age: Current 7th-8th Graders
Time: 8:00am-3:00pm

Code Dates Days Grades FEE R/RN
207005-01 1/11-3/15 Saturday, Sunday 7th-8th Girls $105/$125
207005-02 1/11-3/15 Saturday, Sunday

7th-8th Boys


Location: Gary Morava Recreation Center, Marvin Weiss Center 1500 E Euclid Avenue, Mount Prospect, and other districts within the league