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Registration FAQ

How do I print out my Childcare Statements?

How do I sign up for online registrations?

The Prospect Heights Park District currently uses an online system to register for most activities. You can visit this portal at:

To register you will need a household username. If you have registered for an activity since January 2017 then you already have a household name or number. Email our Registration Supervisor at [email protected] and your username will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours during the week. If this is your first time registering for a Prospect Heights activity you can create your own household username by clicking on: “Create an Account”

Your account MUST be verified before you can register for programs. It will be verified 24-48 hours during the week by email. Please check your SPAM account.

Hint: Please register all members in your family when creating your household because you cannot add additional members at a later date. Our Registration Supervisor needs to add additional family members once the household is created.

Am I a Prospect Heights Park District Resident?

You are a resident if you pay taxes to the Prospect Heights Park District.

Our Registrar verifies residency using the Cook County Viewer at:

Not all Prospect Heights addresses are within the Park District boundaries and not all resident addresses are in Prospect Heights. You may live in the City of Prospect Heights but pay your taxes to another park district. You may live in Arlington Heights, Wheeling or Mt. Prospect but pay your taxes to the Prospect Hts. Park District.

Our partner residents also receive resident rates and do not have to pay the non-resident fees. These include students who attend School District 23, residents of River Trails Park District and residents of Mt. Prospect Park District.

When I create an account the system show I have a duplicate household?

If you are shown a duplicate household message, your household is already in the system.  Please call the front desk at (847) 394-2848 or email our Registration Supervisor at [email protected] to acquire your household username and to request a change of password.

Can I change my username and password at any time?

If you have forgotten your username please call the front desk at (847)394-2848 or email our Registration Supervisor at [email protected].  If you have forgotten or need to change your password, please click on “Reset Your Password”.

How do I register for an activity?

If you know the number of the activity, event or trip, you may type it in the “Activity Code” search box, under Search, then Activity Enrollment. If you do not know the Activity Code, you may find the code in the current park district brochure or you may search by “Keyword Search” under Search, then, Search all Programs.

Where can I register for an activity not listed online?

For activities that require additional documentation such as a birth certificate or driver’s license (e.g. Creative Kids Preschool, Wine Tasting) you must register at the Gary Morava Recreation Center. For some golf events you must register at Old Orchard Country Club. These events are specified in the brochure.

Why can’t I register for an activity listed online?

Activities have restrictions such as age and grade level.  Please first check if you meet all restrictions for a particular activity.  If you still have questions email our Registration Supervisor at [email protected] or call the front desk at (847) 394-2848.

What if an activity is listed as full?

Activities listed have a maximum capacity of registration. If an activity is listed as full, it means that we have reached the maximum number of registrations. Some activities will allow you to add yourself to a waitlist in case someone decides to withdraw from the activity. Waitlists are created on a first-come, first served method. If a spot becomes available, the first person will be notified that there is an opening in the activity.

How can I sign up for an activity that is not listed online?

Activities have specific dates in which they will be listed online. If an activity has started, please contact the front desk at (847) 394-2848. The front desk staff will contact a supervisor to verify if you would be able to register.

What if I change my mind about an activity prior to checking out?

You can always remove the activity from your cart prior to checking out and select a new activity or section number.

I am supposed to have a credit card on my household account. How can I check?

You can check your credit by logging in to your account, selecting “My Account” and clicking “My History”.

How do I use my household credit to pay for activities online?

If you have credit on your account, the system will automatically apply the credit at checkout.  If you do not see a credit being applied, please email or call our Registration Supervisor at [email protected] or (847) 394-2848.

What forms of payment can I use with online registrations?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

How do I know if my registration was successful?

After you successfully process a registration, the system will send an email to your primary email account.

  • Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see an email in your inbox.
  • You may also reprint a receipt by clicking “My Account”.

What if I lost my receipt?

You may also reprint a receipt by clicking “My Account” and “Reprint a Receipt”.

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