Something for Every Interest

Magic Class with Gary Kantor

Children are guaranteed to have a great time in this class as they learn fascinating tricks from a professional magician! Amaze your family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind reading and more.  While the tricks may appear difficult you’ll discover that they are quick to learn and easy to perform.  All materials will be provided, and each child will be awarded a magic certificate.  Children can sign up for this class again and again since brand new tricks will be taught at each session.  Class will be held at Arlington Heights Park District, Arlington Ridge.  Classes will be held on January 19, March 1, and May 8.  

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STEM Classes

Intro to Programming

This course will introduce non-readers or early readers to the concepts of programming with Logo.  Using iconic point and click commands to develop math, logic and problem solving skills as they explore and create a project they can imagine.  

Cars, Catapults & Bridges

This class focuses on teaching the FUNdamentals of engineering as students work in teams using LEGO simple machine kits.  Each session will build upon the students skill level as they learn about levers, wheels/axels and gears.  Projects could include building drawbridges, cars, amusement rides, cranes catapults and more! Join the fun while you explore engineering concepts that you can use at home for your own projects.  

Castles, Moats and Catapults

Build to withstand any siege! Students learn principals of construction and use math skills as they experiment with scale and size, staggering vs stacking.  In a hands-on class using LEGO materials, we’ll work in teams to build castles, towers of strength and working catapults.  On the last day, we will have a marshmallow launching challenge with our catapults.