Youth Soccer

Youth Indoor Soccer League

Stay fresh for Spring Soccer! Practice the 1st day & the rest we’ll play games. Each child gets equal playing time. Games played in 3v3 to 5v5 formats. Teams formed according to age/grade. Age/grade levels may be combined if needed. RTPD jersey required. Volunteer coaches needed. This league is a co-op with River Trails Park District.

Games are played on Sundays from Noon-4:00pm.
Registration Deadline: January 5, 2020
There is a $15 late fee for registration taken after January 5, 2020.
Times: Noon-4:00pm

Location: The Zone, 500 Business Drive, Mt. Prospect Park District

2020 Indoor Soccer League Game Schedule

2020 Indoor Soccer League Game Schedule updated 02.2020

Little Kickers Youth Soccer League

Youth Soccer LeaguesRegistration Deadline March 23 ($15 late fee taken for any registration after March 23)
This league is a co-op with River Trails Park District. Age groups may be combined as needed. The P.A.Y.S certification is required. Each team will practice once a week for an hour. The coach will call players once teams are filled to tell them when practice starts. Uniforms may be purchased at the Marvin Weiss Community Center, 1500 Euclid Ave., Mt. Prospect Games are played on Saturdays from 9:00am-2:00pm. 

Location: River Trails Park District

#407001-01 Pre-K 4Y-5Y Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54
#407001-07 K Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54
#407001-02 1 Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54
#407001-03 2 Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54
#407001-04 3 Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54
#407001-05 4 Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54
#407001-06 5 Sat 04/11-06/06 $43 $54

Volunteer coaches are needed to coach all youth sports teams. Please sign up to coach or assist teams on the Youth Athletics Registration Form.

P.A.Y.S. Parent Associations for Youth Sports
The Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) is an education and membership program that supports parents of youth sports programs. PAYS has set a standard for parent orientation programs by providing a video based training from NAYS (National Alliance Youth Sports) which offers a simple, effective way to make youth sport parents aware of their roles and responsibilities. They can make their child’s experience more enjoyable and positive by completing this program.

PAYS Online!
The 1-time training and membership fee is $5 per family for parents.
1. Go to
2. Top right corner click on “Sign Up”
3. Under “Parent” click on “Join Now”
4. Review How it Works and click on “Get Started”
5. Complete the Registration Form
6. Select Prospect Heights Park District