Learn to Swim

Closed for the season, see you in Summer 2022!


One of the most important life skills is learning how to swim. In our swim lesson programs, students will learn basic skills now matter what swimming level they are at! 

Each swimmer will be tested on Monday and then again on Friday.  The swimmer will be placed in one of the following levels:

Level                                     Skills

Jellyfish (1,2,3)                  adjusting to the water, float with kickboard and beginner stroke

Sea Turtle (4,5)                 freestyle, backstroke and working on breathing

Penguin (6,7)                     breaststroke and elementary backstroke

Star Fish (8,9)                     butterfly, sidestroke and diving

Lessons are held daily rain or shine.  If we have severe weather that does not permit entry into the pool, then the swim instructors provide a land lesson which consists of games involving pool rules, practicing stroke technique, using kick boards, and activities focused on arm stroke movement. 

Refunds are not given for illness or vacations.

Make-ups are not an option.

Join us for Summer 2021 so your little swimmer can be a fish in the pool!